What is beauty? A reflection on Valentine’s Day..

It’s Valentines Day, and like any of of you, I’ll be dancing in a corner to Single Ladies. But rather than be sceptical-taking the one of today is just commercial rubbish-I want to reflect on what is Beauty. Of, more specifically, what is beauty? And I write this from the perspective of a female student.

We are constantly bombarded with images of the idealised beauty that we ostensibly want and have to/are told to pursue-such as in magazines, TV advertising, etc. But this is an unrealistic image-one that is unattainable. One that is often perceived as perfect in some circles.

But this differs in other parts of the world, dependent on localised/regionalised customs-such as one particular tribe of people, where women wear gold loops round their necks. The more they have, the more attractive they are considered to be. Or another that inserts plate-like objects into their lips; this is beauty to them. But I bet to some readers that seemed a little bit odd.

To me, Beauty is just a word, subject to opinion, personal taste, etc. But were it is in its truest essence is all around.

There’s beauty in a good piece of music you adore, or your kids, the love of your life, an incredible view; it’s all just on very different levels. And it is so many differing things. This was deduced from a lyric, recently: there’s beauty in everything life throws at you/if you’re looking for the truth/I’m tired of all this pain/and negativity. Because who said that I couldn’t reference an Anastacia song?!

If there is anything that I have learnt these last few years, is that you are your own ideal. Be proud of yourself, happy. You can be free to experiment with colour, cosmetics, clothing, etc. Just don’t change yourself for somebody else’s perception of what they wish you to be. That rarely makes people happy. This is something subjective, but you can tell yourself a different story.

Far from this sombre piece, have fun this Valentine’s Day,



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