A letter to 2016. 

* This was a post that I saw over at Country Katie UK. It was such a good post, that I just had to write my own version. Click here to view Katie’s post.* 

Dear 2016,

It would be too easy to say that you were the worst year that this planet has had to endure in a long time. And that’s despite the fact that so many people to do with arts and culture died-people like David Bowie, Helen Bailey, Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher among them. I think they’re in a better place now, and yet…some people seem lost because of this. 

You were the year that I started to come into myself, more so than before. There were the highs, the lows, and all the in between moments. 

I got a taste of what I would like to do later in life, in obtaining my column; it never gets old, really, people telling you that they like your work. #EgoGratification That was something that added to my determination, as well as creating a discipline I never though I had; how to keep to a monthly deadline (!) And to do it well-write, proofread the copy, and pitch for your audience.

And to meet heroes, new and old, was such a privellage. Anastacia and Brian May…where do I even begin to describe that?!

You also made me a ‘newshound’ ; somebody wanting to know what’s going on in the world, why it is, what are the events playing out behind the scenes. Because that’s what the Press does, isn’t it? Journalists may be stereotyped and belittled to a degree, but without us, there would not be accountability, as well as information for the public. That taught me to care for the profession I want to go into, more than anything.

But you also taught me some hard truths: this world is not as simple as perceived. And there are many hurdles along the way to overcome. But that’s just what we do. We’re human, after all. 

Above anything, I do miss you, in a way. This year seems scary, in some ways-but I’m thankful for you, really.



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