How to make the most simple cake.

This year..well, I’ve started to bake a bit more. I’m learning as I go along..but I’ve been asked for various recipes, etc. Basically, I use one recipe-as adapted from this link-to make different variations. So, I thought I would share this post with you..

You will need:

For the sponge:

  • 225 grams self raising flower.
  • 225 grams of butter-I use stork, because it makes the sponge fluffy & rise more.
  • 225 grams caster sugar.
  • 4 eggs.
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder.


Basically, in a food mixer, add all of these together. Make sure it’s fluffy, with no lumps. Then, bake until crispy golden in a baking tin.

But, the thing about this cake is that you can customise it to any specification you wish. As a tip: draw your design on paper. That way, as a rule of thumb, you’ll know what to do. These are just a few suggestions.

  • Royal icing: although that this differs-in terms of whether people like it-it can look very pretty. With a patterned rolling pin, roll it out, and cover the cake in it. That way, if you make any mistakes, you can cover them up.
  • Butter cream icing: in a blender, put in icing sugar and butter, plus any flavouring or colours you wish. You can put this through the middle, or all over, even both. I particularly love chocolate icing-just add vanilla flavouring, to take away a little of the sweetness.
  • Icing pens: these are very cheap, and you can get these at any major food shop. (You could even make your own-just follow the above point, and add to an icing bag.) You can add messages, draw, etc.
  • Sprinkles; well, yeah!

Have fun baking,