Kiss Balm Review. 

Now, I’m probably like a lot of you, in that I quite like a lip balm or two, drifting between various pockets and bags, etc. (Because chapped lips are horrible, am I right, ladies?!) So, it was really nice to receive this lip balm for Christmas.

Kiko is a lovely cosmetics shop, and I love to visit it whenever I go to Nroghton. It sells every product that you could possibly wish for-and a lot of them I don’t know what they do, because I’m lousy in this respect-and at such cheap prices. Because, yeah, what else could anyone want? And it’s such good value for money! I could wrote all day about this brand…


Obviously, from the paragraph above you can tell I’m really happy with Kiko as a brand. But the casing? Well, it’s very different to what other balms are on the market-a sort of plastic, metal, almost feel. (Did I put too many commas in that sentence? Probably!) It also quite clearly states the shade, what product it is, and the overarching brand. I also really like the font and colour-points for originality again.

Just as a point, though: be careful if you drop this balm, and are looking for it. If you step on the product, it seems a little fragile in terms of casing, and would probably break into pieces.

The product itself:

Welll…I have a lot to say about this, but will try and be as succinct as possible. Because, after all, there’s no point in rambling on and being boring.

The texture of the balm is incredibly creamy-which is why it’s more like a lipstick than a lip balm. However, a little goes a long way..But, then again, to leave lip marks from application is a bit gross. To combat this, I recommend using a tissue to wipe it. And don’t rub your lips together too much-it has a tendency to go all over your face.

It’s also not really Blackberry in hue. It’s more sort of strawberry…. the smell can be quite nice, but in small quantities also.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Kiss Balms?



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