10 Tips For College.

I saw this post over at Thrifty Vintage Fashion a little while ago; but I felt that I could add a little bit of a philosophical tone to it. As a college student in their final year, these are a few things I have learnt. 

  1. You’ll need to get use to addressing your lecturer by their first name, rather than “sir” or “madam”. And yes, it’s a little bit strange at first..
  2. The library is a great resource for homework, as well as the internet, in terms of research.
  3. It’s best to start revision early. Because there is so much ,ore content and new skills to learn-it’s such a step up from GCSE. And I’ve come to wish that I had started this earlier than I did.
  4. Always ask if you need help.
  5. You’ll need to be disciplined, in terms of deadlines, coursework, exams. Maybe a planner would help.
  6. Mocks are mocks, so it is probably better to make the mistakes then, practice to get rid of them, and do better generally. 
  7. Always try and try again.
  8. Speak to somebody if you’re having a hard time.
  9. Pack your bag the night before, because forgetting something isn’t always too great.
  10. And finally; be prepared to laugh along the way.

What do you think?



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