Guest Post: A look into my journal, by Lauren.

(For this 365 day challenge I’m doing, I wanted to bring a few guest posters along; mainly because it’s a collaborative thing to do in the Blgging world, it can impact your views, and I do get sick of my own ‘writing voice’ at times. So, Lauren from This Stuff Is Golden was nice enough to help me. Click here to go to her blog.)
I jumped on the bandwagon of bullet journals a few years ago. I’ve always had notebooks to organise myself but no system to keep that organisation, er, organised.
I had tried using the Day Designer and stuck with it for a little while, but personally I found the planner way too big and therefore wasn’t using that much – I like to keep a notebook on me at all times and couldn’t fit the Day Designer in my bag. I wish it had worked out as the Day Designers are absolutely beautiful.
So I found a new system – whilst browsing the internet looking for new notebooks, I found a video on Youtube about the Bullet Journal. It was such a logical and easy system that I had to give it a go. It was also a very customisable system, which is awesome because you can adapt it as you go along.
My current notebook is a Paperchase Squared Paper A5 Notebook. I normally go for a Moleskin version, but well, budget.

I start off with the standard Contents pages, leaving 2 double pages for it. It comes in handy when I’m trying to find something specific, though to be honest, I don’t use it that much. It certainly makes me look organised though, so there’s that.
There’s no particular order to my journal – which is something I love. Yes, I do have a standard layout for the beginning of my month and my to-do list for the week, but apart from that, it really depends what I feel like putting in.

I keep spare pages for doodles (as you can see), and I tried the “Year In Pixels” idea, which I actually really like to do. All it is is a record of how my days have been in regard to my moods. I put this near the start for ease of finding it each day.

At the beginning of each month I start a new spread, with one page dedicated to the days and dates of the month and the other dedicated to what I want to achieve for that month. I find the month at a glance page to be very useful when scheduling things, reminding me of appointments and anything else that crops up during the month. The goals page is great not just for planning ahead but also looking back – I can look back on previous months and remind myself of the progress that I have made.

This is my typical layout for a new week. I note down the starting date of the week and jot down everything that I want to get done. This can be a single page or a whole spread – though as you can see, I use the right hand page for other stuff. In my previous Bullet Journals I have used a spread to write down a week’s worth of to-do’s but separated by a heading of each day. That worked well when I was working in a busy office, but it’s not so useful to me at the moment.

 There’s a few of these sorts of techniques on the internet, namely Instagram. I came across the ‘wave’ method (drawing wavy lines in a repetitive manner) but prefer the above ‘triangle’ style of basically the same thing. I filled up a lot of those triangles when waiting in an airport, surprisingly anxious about flying home for Christmas. The left is a watercolour and pencil picture of a pretty autumn leave that I found. Creative little things like that really help to take my mind off any stresses, worries or general bad moods, so there are plenty of pages like this in my journal.
Yes, I’m corny enough to use song lyrics to keep my spirits up, but so what? I particularly love this spread because it started out as just a trace around my hand. Whether it’s song lyrics, poetry, motivational quotes, or just my own personal ramblings, I have a lot of these pages that I can look back on when I need to raise my spirits. Again, this is another reason why I love the Bullet Journal system – so much creative freedom to just make random spreads like this!

What would my notebook be without several blog post ideas spreads?! These are a must-have for me as I am constantly either jotting down an idea or looking back through old brainstorm spreads for ideas on what to write. And of course, I get the satisfaction of ticking them off once they are completed.

What journal is complete without a unicorn?
What do you folks use to keep yourself organised? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. March 1, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    That’s such a creative notebook layout! Love it.

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