No Secrets Vinyl Review.

“There’s nothing you can do to turn me away/there’s nothing anyone can say/but I’m with you now/and as long as you say/loving you’s the right thing to do”

Oh Carly Simon, I do like be your music. And that’s thanks to a biography detailing the editing career of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. But I was thrilled to receive this album for Christmas-and I love No Secrets on Vinyl. No Secrets is such a great album.. It’s my favorite of all of Simon’s work. And that’s saying a lot-such as with Greatest Hits Live, Letters Never Sent, and Hotcakes. But I’m rambling and writing on a different tangent..

Although I must admit, I do prefer this on CD; this Vinyl is remastered, yet played at a different frequency, Simon sounds almost as if on helium-her voice is really high, with an almost nasal quality. It sounds better on CD with particular tracks-such as with You’re So Vain-but The Carter Family sounds beautiful. In listening to this, I was taken back to a time that I never got to be a part of-the seventies, with the newly e,edging rock scene, and careless abandon. Oh, nostalgia! Carly seems very young, but yet so wise. I envy this!

The packaging also stays true to the original album artwork-just look at the chic cover! There’s even the full face portrait on the back, that can be found on the CD version. If only I had a smile like Carly….it evens has the same colour scheme.

I’ve enjoyed this vinyl greatly.

What do you think-would you listen to No Secrets on Vinyl?



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