Inside My Make Up Bag…

This is going to be a bit of an odd post today, with just a hint of confessional..

I admit, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘feminine’ person-to me, there’s more to life than taking ages with make up and hair in the morning. So, I wanted to show a different side to myself-and, of course, review a few beauty products along the way.

My make up bag is from Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in London-and was an excellent Christmas present. It’s decorated all over with cats, complete with many pocketed compartments. To be able to stash more things, I also removed two smaller bags from the inside. At the time of writing, they’re in use for different purposes.

Can I just confess something? It has taken me a long time to like my hair-having been bullied because of it. Habitually speaking, it needs taming-so I use hairspray, as shown on the left. That keeps flyaways at bay, and generally makes it more maintainable. Basically some mornings, I dress and spray, after brushing it. Simple!

L’Oréal is also a lovely product-in terms of smell, and that it has a good texture. It also fits into my bag easily.

By and large, I don’t use a lot of make up daily-maybe a lipstick, maybe some eyeshadow, but never really both at the same time, in terms of bright colours. (Sparkly eyeshadow and bright lipstick to me just do not match, and they also don’t suit me.)

This is what’s next on my photo…

As a glasses wearer, my eyes are often the main focus of my day; I wear glasses for all of my waking time, and have to have reguler vision checks. But there’s one thing quite notable; because of my short sightedness, it’s very hard to see anything, much less apply any make up accurately. (And it does hurt to stab yourself in the eye, just for the sake of some eyeliner!

To the right are the products I own, relating to the eyes and eyebrows. Most of these were a Christmas present, and constitute the dark shades I love best of all. I like a smokey eye-in that it seems to suit me-and because it draws away from my horrible eyebrows. But the sparkly version from Claire’s is what I keep for special occasions.

These pallettes were a great gift, anyway.

What is a great asset to me, however, is the bottled water-in other words, make up remover. Were dictated do to keep our skin clean, and to take care of it, lest we get acne or some other horror. This has a nice feel-yes, being water and all-removing most things with ease.

The eyeliner is from kiko, and the tweezers were in my advent calendar.

These are a few ‘basic’ things, that I usually use daily, mostly.

I’m not really sure what the pink thing is called-and I guess that’s just because I’m ill-informed about beauty products. Apparently it’s supposed to stimulate your blood cells. Although, what is the benefit of this? If you know, please leave your wisdom in the comments below.

Hair bands I don’t always use, because they can snag on my hair-but they keep my fri he out of my eyes.

Cotton and the bottled water remove any eye make up.

To the right are a stash of lip products. And that’s because I usually have one or more in my pocket at one time-just a habitual Vice, I guess.

The first lipstick on the left, and two in from the right, are two I particularly love. I’ll also be reviewing them soon, because I wanted to have a bit more beauty coverage on my blog.

And finally, to finish, these are a range of travel size nail varnishes that as regularly switch between.

What do you keep in your make up bag?



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