Defiance Review. I love history, so this is perfect…

I’m a history student, but the reason I took the subject is because I have a genuine interest in the subject. (And my line of thinking is the past informs the present, so we have much to learn.) It all started in wanting to find out more about Anne Frank, because my teacher brushed over her, and didn’t give a lot of credence to the diary. Since then, I love to look at World War Two history, to try and understand this tragedy. Anyway, I digress.

Last year, I watched Defiance; it made a huge impact on me. 

To briefly recount the plot; two Jewish brothers manage to escape the purging of their village, after the Nazi’s invade. They run to the nearby forest as a way of refugee. Whilst there, they meet survivor after survivor, and eventually form their own camp. They liberate a ghetto. They become partisan, yet matters are complicated when one brother goes to a nearby Russian camp. 

This is such a brilliant film, and is based on a true story. I particularly love how there’s the theme of peace vs violence, right vs wrong, throughout the film. In War time, everything is blurry-with the brothers killing Nazi’s, almost by way of revenge. It’s a huge conflict-and one that ‘had’ me watching.

My only real criticism is that it almost leaves the two brothers free of any blame-in that they took part in war crimes, allegedly, that are still being investigated. But then again, a Human beings are just so fundamentally flawed-as the two brothers are. Yet this hasn’t been put in the film.

What do you think? Have you seen Defiance?



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