Fifty Things To Cheer Up A Friend.

Because who would not want to do this?! Continuing with the ’50 things’ series, here’s the latest addition.

  1. Suggest a film night-with them choosing the film, and possibly, the theme to go with it. (Horror, anyone?)
  2. And that includes stuffing yourselves. (The occasional indulgence is alright, surely?) 
  3. Take them for a surprise day out, wherever they like-they could have even have mentioned it before. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money, or even any at all. 
  4. Visit them-suprise drop in visit.
  5. Write them a grattitude note, and hide it in their possessions. 
  6. Plan and execute some sort of gesture that will appeal. Can be comical, serious, sentimental, etc.
  7. Plan a Netflix night in with them.
  8. Go for a walk together.
  9. And a dog is optional.
  10. Spend time just talking to them, seeing how they feel. 
  11. Make something for them, with them in mind. (Rainbow scarf anyone?!)
  12. Play Truth or Dare like we’re young again. Ha ha!
  13. Make a scrapbook for them.
  14. Dress up for yourselves, and take lots of photos…
  15. Facebooking them is optional.
  16. Play a physical game of exercise. And competitively. Football anyone?
  17. Board games. Tournament. What could go wrong?
  18. Play a prank.
  19. Visit your nearest libray.
  20. Binge on a boxset.
  21. Or two. 
  22. Or three.
  23. Spend some time on snapchat, transforming yourselves by filters. The sillier, the better.
  24. Play Exploding Kittens.
  25. Better still, order the Extension pack.
  26. Listen to your favorite song on repeat.
  27. Put on music. Loudly. Dance.
  28. Reminisce about the past.
  29. Create a wall collage.
  30. Start a blog.
  31. Read. To each other, alternating, etc.
  32. Cull your magazine collection.
  33. Do a puzzle.
  34. Do a Skype call with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  35. Guest post on each other’s blog.
  36. Spend a day baking.
  37. Try learning how to crochet.
  38. Bake the other a surprise cake.
  39. Make a meme complimation. 
  40. Ben and Jerrys. 
  41. Haagen Daz.
  42. Need I say any more? 
  43. Read a magazine from cover to cover, and making a note of all the pretty things.
  44. Write a list of what you’re grateful for.
  45. Write a fantasy list-of what you wish to own, do, etc.
  46. Interview each other. Not as weird as it sounds.
  47. Paint each other’s nails.
  48. Compile a ‘feel good’ Playlist.
  49. And one themed as ‘nostalgia’.
  50. Comment on this post!


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