Netflix picks.

Over on Twitter, I was ‘talking’ with Katie at Country Katie UK (click here to view) , about Netflix. And each other’s choices of what we like to watch. Now, I’ve sometimes indirectly referenced Netflix in other posts, but these are my main picks of what to watch..

Pretty Little Liars.

It starts off very mysteriously-a teen girl goes missing, assumed dead. And her friends that are left behind receive messages from the mysterious ‘A’, who seemingly knows everything about them, and uses their secrets against them. So, aim of the game; unmask ‘A’. Easy, right? Not at all! 

This is a series that’ll keep you guessing, even if it is a little cliched in parts-think the stereotypical American high school, where the only thing cared about is being popular. Some of the scripting I also have to criticise-“Jenna can’t hear us, she’s blind”. Seriously!? 

I just like it for the glamour. And the endearing characters. Plus the continuing twists.

The Crown.

Our present day monarch and her accession is detailed in minute detail. And everything is replicated to the best of the ability of the producers. But if you’re not a fan of history, this may not be for you-because it keeps you on your feet, which is needed to understand the plot.

But Matt Smith does play Prince Phillip rather well..

Ab Fab.

Want snobbery,  narracism, and fashion? All here!

What do you watch on Netflix?



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