The Crown; A Review Of The Netflix Series.

Netflix to me is the epitome of popular culture, widely watched, and entertainment. It took a bit of exploring to see the true diversity in what it has to offer-such as with Race To The White House, The Crown, Outnumbered, and Pretty Little Liars.

Now, I’ve never really classified myself as a staunch Royalist, or a Republican; to me, the royal family are formidable indurviduals who are just seemingly always there. They are a part of English Life. Because, after all, it’s a constutional monarchy-we don’t have a president. We have a Prime Minister, but they aren’t head of state. I’d also not been very sympathetic; these indurviduals, who lived in great privilege, didn’t seem to do anything. Wrong! Enter The Crown

Constantly flashing forward and back, it focuses on our current Sovergien, her accession, as well as previous education, ready to become Monarch. 

What’s brilliant is the history behind the series; an incredible amount was spent to replicate seemingly everything , but there’s always references, back and forth. For instance, the abdication-and the ensuring ‘Constutional crisis’-is continually talked about, whilst still fresh in everyone’s mind. New monarch, new rules, new reign, though. And the Prime Ministers! There’s Mr Churchill, Mr Attlee, Mr Eden..

The character I have most sympathy for is Prince Phillip-the man who took British citizenship, who married, yet had his name taken away from him (his children wouldn’t be Mountbatten, but Windsors’), and seemingly without a hobby. (He goes flying-but even this is subject to Cabinet Approval.) Yet, he’s the bird in the glided cage, who is stuck where he is. Matt S

Then there’s Margaret..Margaret!  The Queen’s sister, she doesn’t have an understanding of The Crown , and how you have to rule for the people, be the aspiration. Having not lived through this era of history, and having no knowledge of it, I was very grateful.

I would just like to see a little more limelight given to Phillip, though!

What do you think-have you seen The Crown?



6 thoughts on “The Crown; A Review Of The Netflix Series.

  1. countrykatieuk says:

    I still need to watch it! I can’t believe there is a drama about the royal family and I am still yet to see it. I am more interested now I’ve heard there’s a second season to come… I think I know how my Saturday will be spent! Xx

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