50 Things To Do On A Cold, Rainy Day.

January is a cold month-either days with bitter winds, or just cold, soggy rain. Like the 50 Things To Do When Upset post, I wanted to write also for this scenario.

  1. Write blog posts. Because of course! It also seemingly causes various ideas to bear fruit…
  2. Having planned various blog posts, maybe taking bulk photos for your blog could also be a good idea.
  3. Get out your old planner, and decorate!
  4. Start a bullet journal.
  5. Create a new collage for your bedroom wall.
  6. Paint your nails with a glittery/pastel/bright shade-or all three-just to have something cheerful to look at.
  7. Compile a podcast list to listen to.
  8. Make a mixtape.
  9. If you know a craft, make something using it. (I love to crochet-and could make a scarf quickly-which is what I tend to do in winter.)
  10. Bake!
  11. Dress up, just for yourself.
  12. Write bad poetry.
  13. Curl up in a blanket, and binge on Netflix. (Just as an aside thought: you could attempt option nine simultaneously, although this does require a lot of concentration. )
  14. Sign up to Pereiscope.
  15. Put your CD’s in alphabetical/release/favorite order.
  16. Do an Amazon order, having set yourself a limit.
  17. Try drawing a self portrait.
  18. Play your music loudly and dance!
  19. Indulge in coco butter.
  20. Plan a dinner party.
  21. Plan a film night.
  22. If anyone else is around, you could play board games-even have a tournament. A personal favorite is Exploding Kittens.
  23. Make a list of goals.
  24. Read a book the whole way through. In this digitally saturated world, a lot of people seem to be missing out on reading. It doesn’t have to be too serious, or even that long. It just matters that you’re reading!
  25. Put up the photos that you haven’t had the chance to, yet.
  26. Read Fifty Things To Do On A Cold Day…..
  27. Do a mind map of your self and your identity. Believe me, it gets very interesting if completed right!
  28. Make a wish list of things you’d like to acquire, achieve, do. Be as materialistic as you wish.
  29. Put up fairy lights…
  30. Design an outfit for yourself, by drawing it.
  31. Do a full face of make up for yourself, and no one else.
  32. Make a scrapbook for somebody.
  33. Sort out your make up storage! (Always a problem for me…)
  34. Go through your clothes and see what still fits, what doesn’t, and what can be donated to a charity shop.
  35. Download an online lesson, and start to learn a skill.
  36. Call somebody you haven’t talked to in a while.
  37. Book a trip to a place you haven’t been…
  38. Dream!
  39. Create an ultimate playlist, and maybe with a theme.
  40. Start on your To Be Read book pile.
  41. Cook your favorite meal.
  42. Watch a very ‘girly’ film….
  43. Book tickets to a book reading.
  44. Browse an online bookshop.
  45. Make a list of books you wish to read.
  46. And films you wish to watch…
  47. As well as places you wish to visit.
  48. Paint.
  49. Read your favorite blog from the very first post.
  50. Comment on this blog post (!)

What do you do on a rainy day?