This is a calling…what I now have to say..

Update: in light of the transgender military service ban, the various reproductive rights of women being restricted, and various other actions, this post is no longer what I think. I also now know more about the Electoral College voting system, and how Clinton actually won the popular vote. This is a post I regret, but a response will be written to this at the end of 2017. 

So, yesterday we all saw what we never thought we’d see; mainly, the newly inaugurated President Trump. This isn’t going to be a political post, as such-and not one that’s going to be defamatory, or just generally bitchy. (That’s not my style.) My opinions in this don’t matter-which are besides the point, and irrelevant. But I do have a few things to say. And I have a distinction to make.

A country like America needs strong leadership-as does any other nation. Because, otherwise, things fall apart. We may disagree with several new administrative policies, but we can’t disregard a President, and subsequent government, at all. Mr Trump is now President, after all. He has the responsibility to lead the States, now.

But, about the policies; so many people I see were angry at the time of the election last year. And that sort of seemed to spill over, in terms of protests at Trump being declared President. But whilst he has been sworn in, he was voted in; surely that’s Democracy? The way the system works? The way that the democratic ideal functions? (It’s like with a political party; ultimately the leader leads the country, but you still may disagree with what they represent, in terms of ideaology. )

We can resist hate. We can resist racism. We can resist…well, you tell me.

But my point is: we can still campaign about what we care about. We can still support local/regional/national causes. We don’t necessarily have to support the ideology behind a politician. But we have to support a government to govern a country. There’s the distinction: you can disagree with the  political ideology of an indurvidual, but we can support government, because that’s what gives us the stability. Alongside we can campaign. Because the electorate is what elects a politician in a Democracy. No matter how apathetic we are, we still count. Our ‘voice’ counts.

(Okay, that last paragraph was a little bit cringey…)

We can campaign for better equality, an end to homelessness, saving the trees no polar bears, changes in education, etc.

I’m not American-although some of these paragraphs could be misleading in that respect, for which I had no other way to phrase them-but as somebody studying politics, I felt obliged to write this. Hopefully this hasn’t been too confusing,



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