‘Why him?’ Film Review. 

“He speaks English, and you speak English, with resounding amounts of…[insert word rhyming with ‘Duck’ here.]”

Why Him is exactly what it says-an ‘R’ rated comedy, with just a little hint of the unconventional. Although it really is beyond me, as to the lacklustre reception; in arriving at my local screening, a lot of seats were left empty.  

The plotline: a man is invited-with the rest of his family-to spend Christmas with his daughter, who is away at college. But the twist is that She has yet to admit to having a boyfriend-somebody exactly a decade older, who she has been seeing for a year, and has subsequently moved in with. He’s also a tech mogul, although that isn’t exactly the right word-with emphasis on ‘modernity’. What happens between the boyfriend and the father?  I will say no more, lest I give away too much…but it all goes wrong when asking the Father for permission…

My expectations were proved wrong, quite simply: I expected a sappy and sentimental comedy, almost overly sugary, complete with a happy ending. This film is anything but that!

This is a film complete with an edge-the jokes are sophisticated-and the values embroidered juxtapose each other brilliantly. (Between the conservative father, and the rich play boy boyfriend, I was laughing!) It also has a relatable warmth that other comedies seem to lack; one with family at the centre, an ending with a twist, as well as some rather epic rows and arguments. Plus, in the living room of the house where the family stay for a large proportion of the film-belonging to the boyfriend-there’s a huge moose. And the moose falls on the kid brother. He isn’t hurt-more that his ego is-which is exactly what is required to break the tension.

My favorite character has to be Gustav. The German personal assistant, he very clear has all the best lines-such as with what I started the post with. He also is what the boyfriend uses as a bodyguard trainer; sneaking round the property, Gustav mockingly attacks him, to teach self defence. 

What do you think? Will you be seeing this film any time soon?



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