50 Random Facts About Me Tag. 

Around the Blogger universe, several bloggers have completed the fifty random facts about me tag. Essentially, you write fifty random facts about yourself, and tag ten other bloggers to do the same. So, here we go!

  1. I’m definitely a cat person, rather than a dog person 😺
  2. The first concert that I went to see was The Saturdays-although I cannot recall how old I was. And I can’t remember much about the concert itself.
  3. I don’t really enjoy drinking-I just hate the feeling of being out of control. But if the occasion calls for it, I like cider. Bulmers, to be precise. And not much else…yeah……..
  4. In 2015, I got to meet Anastacia, Brian May, and Derren Brown.
  5. I can crochet fairly averagely. And I enjoy sitting in front of the TV in the evening, manipulating wool in my hands. And I can makes bags, scarves, cat toys, glasses cases, snakes, cats, etc. I love it!
  6. My earliest memory is of listening to You’re My Best Friend by Queen.
  7. When manicuring My often unkempt nails, red is my favorite and preffered shade. Has to be a deep red. It suits my personality, I guess.
  8. Jacqueline Kennedy and Carly Simon are my role models and icons.
  9. Anne Frank prompted my interest in World War Two history.
  10. And every year, largely, I’ve read her diary.
  11. My favorite film is Highlander. 
  12. Oh, and Funny Face, Defiance, and Bridge Of Spies.
  13. If I could choose to be any woman as a persona, it would have to be Carly Simon in her Vengeance video. She’s so airly confident, and with herself. I wish that I could be like that.
  14. I actually find Facebook quite hard to use.
  15. My favorite social media website is Twitter.
  16. If you asked me who is my historic icon, it would have to be Ida Wells. About a hundred years prior to Rosa Parks, she stood up against slavery in the Deep South.
  17. Bulmers Cider is my choice of drink.
  18. The last book I read was The Help.
  19. New Years Resolutions don’t really suit me-and I prefer goals to achieve for the new year. 
  20. I can’t sing.
  21. The first record I bought from a shop was Queen’s A Night At The Opera.
  22. The first record I bought online was Anastacia’s Ressurection.
  23. My favorite book is Dreaming In French.
  24. And The Diary Of Anne Frank..
  25. Plus House Rules…
  26. Pain, Parties, Work…
  27. And finally, Ariel.
  28. Flats instead of high heels are generally my preffered footwear choices.
  29. That said, I do like trainers, or a small block heel.
  30. My hair is too dark to dye without bleaching it first. Since I’ve never bleached it, my hair has generally always been brunette. However, I did manage to find a good pink dye that just sprays in.
  31. My first work experience was at NME for five days.
  32. I love pencil skirts.
  33. Or plain trousers. With a patterned shirt.
  34. In playing a game of Articulate, the catergory I’m best at is Person. I read too much, I guess-could do more on the fiction front, I guess.
  35. My preferred writing implement is a fountain pen.
  36. I also own a Typewriter.
  37. At times I can be a little superstitious; for instance, I own a lucky pair of earrings, with the Effiel tower and a red rose on them. Good things just seem to happen when I wear them…
  38. I’ve had many nicknames-Liddels being one.
  39. And Angry being another. That was for being assertive…
  40. I’m a Feminist.
  41. I’ve also had braces.
  42. Currently I’m studying English, Politics, and History.
  43. My favorite James Bond is Spectre.
  44. I atcually don’t really like Harry Potter, in terms of the books-I prefer the films, and loved the studio tour.
  45. My favorite moment of last year was meeting Anastacia.
  46. In putting on my make up, I prefer colourful lips-because I find it hard to apply liner/eyeshadow to my eyes. It’s hard to see.
  47. Bear Yoyos is my favoured snack.
  48. But Lemon Sherbets are also.
  49. Horses scare me.
  50. I love libraries. The British Library is epic (!)

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