TBR Challenge. Because, books! Let’s Beat The Backlist..

So, I was looking online for blog posts that I could write-via looking at websites, blogs, etc. I came across the TBR Challenge.

A common symptom of being a Bibliophile: you’ll have a pile of books you plan to read, but haven’t, and have probably planned and stock piled for years. This is where the TBR Challenge comes in; you read these books, and they have to be released prior to 2017.

Novelknight.com has suggested the challenge that you read these books, all released prior to 2017. And I just had to take part. This is the rather spectuler pile that I’ve stockpiled..

Just a small portion 🙂 

I won’t have a lot of time for fiction this year-so there’s only two. The rest is either history, or poetry-to expand my knowledge and self.

So, throughout this year, I’ll try to review these books.

See you on the other side-



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