The Best Friend Tag. 

Last year, I saw this post over at Kimberly Jessica’s blog-click here to view. Anyway, I liked it so much that I just had to have a go! 

How and when did you meet?

Laura and I met way back in 2012, in an English lesson. It was probably some lesson about poetry-or even The Trueman Show. To say I cannot remember specifics is utterly paramount!

What was your first impression? 

Of Laura: shy; slightly nervous; and highly intelligent. That’s her character strength there-the highly clever and sharp wit. How I envy that!

What’s your favourite memory together?

Mine would have to be, a rainy day, I was either fourteen or fifteen-and all we were obsessively talking about was Robert Downey Juniour. (Me from a film point of view as an actor 😂)  Because who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Describe each other in one word.

I guess this is two, but for Laura mine would have to be highly intelligent-a toss up between that and witty. For me she would probably perscribe the idea ‘bossy’-not that I agree (!)

What’s their middle name?


What’s their shoe size?
I haven’t a clue about this-which is really bad, as Laura has probably told me this at least once. To say I have a poor memory sometimes is to understate that.

List three items they always carry with them. 

Hand sanitizer, a pack of cards, and a collection of ever growing pens. 

Favourite inside joke?

Hmmm….I would like to keep this blog at a PG level. Our insider joke is not something I can print, for that reason-but it’ll probably go in my autobiography, if ever I do get the chance to write one. Until then, it’ll stay with me! 

If you were ordering a Pizza, what toppings would they want?

I’m not sure if Laura likes Pizza-see the point about bad memory. 

What’s their favourite food? 


What is their favourite ice cream flavour?

See above. 

What’s their favourite singer/band?

I think it’s a Koeran rapper? To save my dignity, I’m not going to attempt the spelling-it’s shonky on the better days. 

On a free day, they generally:
A. Sleep late.
B. Get up at normal time.
C. Gets up earlier.

B-get up at normal time. I’m the opposite-sleeping late…

What do they like/dislike?

Laura likes Robert Downey Junior, learning languages, card games, bubble tea, box sets, thrillers; she dislikes oral cat detractors, squeaking sounds, her seat being taken, and bad acting..

What are their strengths and weakness?

Laura’s strength lies in her ability to almost verbally reason things out-you can almost see the cogs turning. When communicating with people, she is the ultimate diplomat. Her weakness is in a Korean cake 😹

What are their fears? 

I can’t put this on the internet…

Do you have nicknames for each other?

For me, Laura has nicknamed ‘Cat Lover’ ; I won’t go into as to why. By contrast, I call her ‘Sloth Face’-the very antithesis to the hard worker she is!

Two things your best friend doesn’t know about you?

Not a lot-probably that I’ve met Caitlin Moran and Rowan Coleman? It’s not exactly something you can drop into conversation (!)

What do you admire most about your best friend?

Her ability to learn languages almost at the drop of a hat-I’m still struggling with my shorthand-and her ability to act as the ultimate diplomat. That will never be me, although I wish it was!

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