A-Z of me #2

Last year, inspired by Dorkface, I wrote an A-Z of me; but for a new year, I thought I’d do a second version…

A: Autism. Obviously as somebody with Aspergers Sydrome, this is an important cause to me-but the Autism community is also one that I particularly admire. People that are members have been so lovely to me-

B: Bibliophile. I love to read-books, blogs, newspapers, websites, magazines, etc. And I also think that it can lead to something higher-to me, it’s a way to define yourself, to learn greater things, and to inform your own opinion. Style you can love for styles sake, but there has to be substance as well. I could have put blog for this letter, but that seemed way too obvious. Besides, there’s not too mu not be said, otherwise. 

C: Carly Simon. If you ask me who my favorite singer is, one of the top five would have to be Carly Simon. Her lyrics are so simple, yet stylish. She proved that she has a lot of substance in her Auto-Biograohy, and is more than just the pretty face on album covers. If ever I had an icon, it would be a mix of her and Jackie Onassis.

D: Dutch. I really wish I was fluent in Dutch (!)

E: Evolution. On her Ressurection album, Anastacia has the song, Evolution. It’s about her personal evolution, I guess, and having to come very far, having beaten Breast Cancer for the second time. It’s a song that I’ve come to greatly admire.

F: Faith. I believe in God.

G: Get It On. This is a podcast, not some insinuating phrase (!) Dawn O’Porter chats weekly to a celebrity guest about style and clothing. My favorite so far has to be Polly Vernon.

H: History. I’m fascinated by history, and what it can teach us about the present. Of all periods of history that I’ve studied, the Cold War has to be my favorite- but I also love the Tsars, as well as US presidents. And…Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama… 

I: It’s. I’m may not be good at spelling, but mixing up Its and It’s really annoys me. 

J: Jacqueline Kennedy. The uber cool First Lady who restored the White House, created the library, sponsored the arts, kept her intellectual life alive, and all under the female constraints of the era…I just have to admire her. And she latterly also became a successful book editor. Who knew?!

K: Kennedy. My favorite President of all. 

L: Lissie. One of my favorite singers-another for the top five. I have had the great honour of interviewing her, as well as seeing her perform live twice. And she’s just so real in an industry of illusion-I stole your magazine/the one with the beauty queen/on the front/I see her stare at me/I swear that it is mockingly. 

M: Mamma. This Genesis song is something that I’m trying to learn-particularly *the* laugh.

N:  Not That Kind. The debut album by Anastacia. Although it’s a little bit overproduced, and lacks a raw vibe, I’ve started to love the lyrics-such as in I Ask Of You, and Black Roses. This was the original Adele, I feel. 

O: Oppenheimer. I’m fascinated by Nuclear influence and science. 

P: Pretty Little Liars. Netflix and me match rather too well-I could sit through a DOZEN episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I’m also really enjoying The Crown. 

Q: Queen. Because who can resist Mr Mercury?!

R: Rain Dancing. Alison Moyet…hmmm…this is the only vinyl I have by her, and I really like Is This Love? In that format. 

S: Sylvia Plath. The American poet, with the eloquent voice, that still continues to haunt after fifty years…she’s my favorite poet. I’m utterly fascinated by her personal history, as well as her poetry. Daddy I use to know by heart.

T: Typewriter. Because I’m just a vintage chic (!)

U: U’re So Vain. Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit on this one. The signature song of Carly Simon, I adore the opening Bass-and the whispered ‘Son of a gun!‘ It’s a song that makes me so happy. 

V: Vigour. Just because it’s a favorite word. 

W: Wilkins. My name seems to be hard to get right, oddly. It’s Wilkins, not Wilkes, and my name is Lydia. I’ve probably heard all of the nicknames as well…

X: X-ray Vision. This is something that’s associated with being shrewd, and as well as observant. It’s something that I wish that I could be. 

Y: Young. Me. 

Z: Zen. What I wish I could be. 

What’s your alphabet?



One thought on “A-Z of me #2

  1. The Sunday Mode says:

    I really enjoyed watching the entire season of The Crown on Netflix as well, I’m excited that the show gets more seasons. I love this concept for a post, I haven’t seen anyone do it before. I have no idea what my A-Z would be either.
    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    Liked by 1 person

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