Filofax Set Up #2

So, after the last post I had written, I was given a box of planner related decorating things. And since I’m doing the 365 day challenge, I couldn’t just delete it-after all, it was scheduled, and ready to go. Consequently, I sat down with the new box, and other things I had collected, for a huge planner revamp. This is the new set up-and hopefully the last!
To give you a clue as to the volume of planner personalisation going on, I thought I would show you this-just a small proportion, I can assure you.

But from the outside, it still looks the same..

I just couldn’t go back to my red planner…it’s too stiff, too bound, etc. You always remember your first Filofax! (How’s everyone liking the new photography, by the way?) But the difference is crucial…

I’ve bought back the dividers (!) When I took them away last year, everything just seemed to become far more complex than needed. Not what is wanted in a planner, surely? Let’s take a look inside..
As evidenced, it’s far more packed than my last post revealed-but I’ll come to that in a second. I’ve stuffed more post-its into the main pockets-still with the voucher. But on the right, there’s a flyleaf with my name. Because nobody can seemingly get it correct the first time round 🤣😹😂 After that is a zip up pocket, complete with some sentimental memorabilia-just to act as a gratifyinging reminder.

There’s a cadet related dinner card, and some notes from an eleven year old me-it was the first time I had met an author, and become utterly fascinated.

This is a wider shot on top-so you can see the dividers far more clearly. It also shows the front to the diary section..

And as always, you’ve gotta have a bookmark that doubles as a ruler-where would you find you diary in a hurry otherwise!?

This is the front of the diary section-and in the background, you can just about see the notebook tucked in the back pocket, complete with political questions. Last year, bored with the creamy appearance of the dividers, I went to work with Washi tape, labels, and stickers. Although they do look a bit tatty, they make me smile.

This is an average weekly spread. From the box of decorating supplies, I just had to cover them in Washi Tape, stickers, stamps, and colour code the events. (Blue for blog posts, green for events, yellow for reminders..) This year I’ve gone with a week to a page-not over two-and it’s starting to look a little bit crammed. Fits the lifestyle!

The notes section is very self explanatory.
These are just a few examples of what I keep there…

And this is the next section..

Projects in 2017 will be quite full for me. There’s this blog, my column, as well as attempting  finally finishing my book. Here’s a peek for you-and just some of what it could  come to involve.

Lots of rock music!

The last three sections are largely blank..
How is your planner set up?

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