I’m a person who wears glasses. Yet, I’m tired of hearing.

It was not much of a shocker when I was told, at about the age of six or seven, that I needed glasses; I hadn’t been able to see clearly for a while, yet lacked the vocabulary to say that I needed help. Fast forward a few years, and I now wear glasses full time. But I’m tired of hearing many things about them, hence this post. Please stop asking people with glasses the following!

👓 “You’d look sooooo much better without glasses!”

And you would look soooooo much better without that flippant, insensitive attitude. These are the glasses that I wear full time-which have probably been spurned for contact lenses, no matter how many times you ask me. These are the glasses I’ve chosen. And I like the way I look.

👓 “These glasses aren’t real-they’re fake.”

Now, this has actually been said to me on a number of occasions. And quite frankly, its bizarre. Besides-they haven’t seen my prescription, and if I took them off, I dare say that I would bump into a lot of things 🙂 The opticians who supply me with glasses also make them so they’re not too breakable, and are resistant.

👓 “Have you ever tried contacts?”

Now, I do appreciate that this can be part of a conversation-a relative asked me this recently, because we were discussing glasses, and various hinderances that come with being short sighted. I’m okay with this. However, with being asked time and time again, and then told that I’d look better without them…hmm. That’s not what I like-the insensitive intention. I do have an eye problem, meaning that because of the shape of the eye, it wouldn’t necessarily be advisable to do so. Bit rude to ask, then say that, isn’t it?!

👓 “I want glasses….because they make me look cool.”

I can understand if you genuinely would like this-and it’s the minority who’ve said I’d look better without glasses, then say this! It trivialises the real need to see, I feel.

Glasses wearers, what do you think?



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