My love of vinyl

(In the photo, left to right: True Blue (Madonna), Jazz (Queen), No Secrets (Carly Simon), Rain Dancing (Alison Moyet), and A Kind Of Magic (also Queen). 

It’s only recently that I’ve come to enjoy Vinyl-the sound of the record playing, scrapping against the needle, or even just the collecting, and taking hours, browsing over the albums you wish to acquire. Bit odd for a teenager, right? But I love Vinyl-and I have something of a fascination with it.

Vinyl to me sounds, at times, better than a CD-in that it’s closer to the original sound, and that of the era. What I collect is almost always eighties rock-or early noughties pop. Madonna still sounds like the youthful women she was at the time of True Blue; Carly Simon still sounds like the girlish woman of the You’re So Vain era; and Freddie Mercury is still rocking away on record. Ah, if only I had been around in those years!!

It also sounds far warmer-in terms of harmonising. The other night, listening to Embrace Me You Child-a song on No Secrets-it sounded a bit like a gospel choir. Such a beauty! 

So there you have it, as to why I like Vinyl-although I’m sure more passionate devotees could offer up a more ardent defence! If you like vinyl, or prefer a CD, let me know as to why in the comments-



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