Goals for January: because, why not?

I’ve read in various places that January can ostensibly be a cruel month-the back to work blues, glued at studying, and just a general lack of positivity. But I don’t want this-not at all-hence the purpose of this post. This is what I wish to get out of January-and possibly some things that you could do as well…

Go and be enjoying Bletchley Park!

Has anyone seen The Imitation Game, starring Kiera Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch? It’s about Alan Turing and the team of code breakers who cracked the enigma code during World War Two. Today I’ll be visiting the place that this actually happened. I wish to enjoy it, as well as learn a lot. Maybe we could all one day visit-because from what I understand, it’s a fairly humbling place.

Have at least one day of a Netflix Binge.

Yes, it’s really unhealthy, but so good-just to sit through a whole box set of your favorite series. Currently as I wrote this, I’m really enjoying The Crown, Pretty Little Liars, and the occasional dose of Ab Fab-although I have seen all of the latter..

Try not to get too political.

Well, it’s Inuagaration day next week. But a country needs stability. So I’ll try and not be too despondent. (Somebody will troll for that comment, I bet!)

Read a blog completely from the beginning.

Meaning to read from the very first post, to the latest. I’ve done this a few times-such as with Life Through A Cats Eyes-but I’ve begun to feel like I’m not keeping in touch with my favourite blogs, and that my inbox can become over clustered with posts. But my long term favourites have to be This Stuff Is Golden, Dorkface, Gala Darling, Vintage Fashion, and Aslinge.

What are your goals for this month?



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