A letter to my future son.

So, I wrote this post about me being trolled, attacking my ostensibly ‘awful feminist’* viewpoint. So, I’m going to attempt a second letter.  *not my view or opinion.
To my darling little boy.-
Hello, it’s mummy-writing to you from the last, to you in the future. (Yes, bit strange, that.) I’m not very old yet, but as with your sister, I wanted to share some things-lessons I’ve learned-with you. You’re not an after thought here; this is merely a creative exercise. This is what I’ve learned, and what I wish to pass on to you. 
Books are the doorway to escape. What you could find in a leather bound book isn’t merely something to learn, like at school. A story could take you away, to a different time and place. And that is something to treasure. They teach you to question, give you understanding, and develop your empathy. We could go on an adventure, you and me! You could even take your sister, or just yourself. Have fun in proportion to your work. That’s the mix in life, that crucial balance. Otherwise, it would either be very boring, or extremely dull. And it’ll keep me from nagging you relentlessly. 🙂 Keep your ambition alive We live in a world dull full of innovation, aided by technology. And there are so many oppurtunities to go with that. Now, you can be anything you wish to be; a lawyer, a dancer, writer, musician, doctor, baker, child carer. Never give up on what you wish to do. You can do anything, my son. Follow whatever you dream. Practice kindness wherever you go. it’s a priceless gift, one that doesn’t cost to give, and that lasts a life time. We all need love in this world. And it’s up to us to pass it round. Being “a man” does not mean you have to hide your feelings if ever there is a problem, you can talk to me about it. I may not communicate in a great way-there’s a reason for that-But I’ll always be by your side whenever you need me. You don’t have to hide your feelings; to do so is toxic. To be “manly” is not to provoke fights, or to act macho. But what it is I will have to leave to you to find out. Never let somebody defeat who ‘you’ wish to be to me your precious. And you are worth no less than that. Be assertive about your self worth, not arragont. And we can move from there. And that includes whatever partner you break up with, bad teachers, the naysayers who are stumbling blocks in this universe. We will overcome, you and me.
There’s more I wish to teach you-and I will do in the future-But words are not enough to put what I wish to paper. Life is a complex thing we continually weave-and we learn as we live. Never give in, hold convictions, and have faith in whatever happens. I can’t wait to meet you.
Future mum 

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