50 Things To Do When Upset.

This was a post I originally saw over at Gala Darling, the pink, rather glitzy website, complete devoted to Radical Self Love. (Click here to view. ) Yes, this may be a bit like pinching an idea, but I wished to write my own version-and within my own budget. Here goes! *Some of these I don’t do when upset, however the extra I have added, in order to diversify the list, and make it far more comprehensive. The point of these is to either aim at improving your mood, or to distract from the glums.
1. Listen to your favourite album. Loudly. And dance around like a complete manic. (My favourite is No Secrets at the moment.)

2. Compile a seasonal playlist.
3. Have a make up session-even dare to try a new look. (Not a shop.) Do something big, colourful even-bright lipstick, Smokey eyes..
4. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.
5. Start a bullet journal.
6. Talk to a friend about how you feel. They’re usually the ones who let you cry on their shoulder.
7. Write a diary entry.
8. Do something crafty. In my spare time, I love to crochet, and make things for my family.
9. Decorate your planner. I love washi tape, stickers, gems, highlighters, in my Filofax.
10. Listen to weepy music.

11. Film night in with Ben and Jerry’s.
12. Indulge in a Netflix box set.

13. Go to the cinema. Popcorn is optional.
14. I also love an exhibition-and it sometimes leads me to getting a byline. Photography is a particular gem.
15. Go to bed after a bath. Bath bombs, Fizzer, even bubbles, optional.
16. Write a letter to the person who upset you. Put it in a box. Do not send..it’ll lead to upset feelings. But it leads to letting go of your anger and hurt feelings.
17. Try painting.

18. Go for a hair cut. Can be a trim. Could even be something completely different. But after I’ve had a haircut, I nearly always feel better and more confident.
19. Do a Twitter thread.
20. Play a board game.
21. Cook yourself a meal. It can be junk, healthy-But the point is that it should be a favourite, and completely delicious. No more hungry angry (hangry) Now!
22. Put up fairy lights. My current favorite strand I have up is tiny rose gold bulbs.
23. Arrange a sleepover.
24. Wear your favourite outfit round the house, complete with make up.
25. Go for a walk.
26. Try to write a blog post. You don’t have to post it, or even detail your circumstances.
27. Donate to a charity.
28. Have a pyjamas day.
29. Attend a class of some kind. Could be pottery, writing, games, yoga, etc. There’s always a feeling of accomplishment.
30. Play a competitive game of Badminton.
31. If you live in London, visit Lady Dinahs Cat Cafe. So cute!
32. Go to the local library, and spend some time completely lost in books. I find that there’s a feeling of wonderment, walking alongside the words of writers.
33. Paint . Or draw. But make something visual.
34. Make a collage. You’ll need scraps of patterned paper, photographs, washi tape, sequins, glitter, glue, pens, highlighters, glue..and a large canvas.
35. Compile a list of great blog posts.
36. Go shopping.
37. Go to a local park. Just sit and think. Enjoy the view. Reflect.
38. Write poetry or songs.
39. Create an ultimate shopping list on Amazon.
40. And Topshop also is optional.
41. Spend time listening to a lot of podcasts. I particularly love Get It On and Call Your Girlfriend. So funny!
42. Paint your nails. Or even go for a manicure.
43. Pedicure is also optional.
44. Get lost in a good book. You could borrow it from the library, like in option thirty two. I particularly love fictional thrillers and historical drama. The Help By Kathryn Shockett is a good story that’ll keep you gripped.
45. Meditate.
46. Go window shopping for jewellery. You don’t have to buy, however. Pandora is a great place.
47. Invest in some new stationery, and spend the day organising your life. Paperchase is lovely..
48. Start a scrapbook.
49. Take a few quizzes on the internet. Buzzfeed is an excellent source for this.
50. Watch a comedy. Raised by wolves, anyone?