My Filofax Set-Up for 2017.

Well, well, here we go again with the planner content (!)
Last year, I was a Reader Under The Spotlight, over at Philofaxy. (Click here to view.) But I’ve also changed my set up again, mainly to take on far more demands, both social and academic. So, for the second post this year, I thought I would show you the new set up..

Say hello to Bae! (Okay, maybe not…) This is the first Filofax I ever purchased-a model you cannot get anymore. It’s pink, size personal, and part of the profit was donated to a Breast Cancer Charity. So far, ticks all boxes.. In the planner universe, some bloggers gove their planners names. Let me know in the comments what you think this Filofax should be called!!

For Christmas, my sister bought me this cat pen. (Private, in-family joke.) It’s from Paperchase, and is well suited to my single-loop planner. As well as being black ink, it’s a dream to write with.

This is what you see when opened. My medication, plus an Amazon voucher, and a post it or two. (These are just a selection from some given to me, again as a Christmas present, by a friend.) If you’re planning to buy a Filofax, I highly recommend these, because the information can be moved about, or written down at just a moments notice. Plus, you won’t forget other details that you usually do…

This is the start of the new 2017 insert. And it has all of my information, so if ever found, it can easily be returned. I just need to register the Filofax to the lost and found location service…on to the To Do List it goes!

This is a main layout. Here, you can see two blog posts that are scheduled, and the time. When it comes towards the end of the year, the rest of the diary is usually more empty.. 
For 2017, I decided that I would use cream inserts, rather than the plain, stark white I usually plump for. So far, they’ve been easier on my eye sight, and has not allowed pen to bleed through as much. Bonus if you use a fountain pen! And I like it far more…if anyone is reading this, this is a great Christmas gift for me 😂

A blank week for February. You can just see the beginning of a notebook I keep in the back, mainly to keep a track of questions I have. These, at the moment, are mainly to do with American Politics, as I’m studying at the moment. I’ve only not photographed them, because I wished not to be a bore.
After the diary is far more interesting..

This is a running list of films I wish to see. It solves the dilemma of what to watch on Netflix, after all.

Next comes the bucket list…

Every year, I keep a running list, also, of what I’ve read. This is for 2016, and you can probably see that I read a lot of fiction. And by the end of the year, I’ll uploaded the full list, with the rather snobbish plea for people to read. You can see all of this in yesterday’s post.

For 2017, I’ve created a year overview, of events I know that I will definitely be in attendance to. There’s also a few reminders-Kyle and Phil in the top paragraph-to follow up, in time. Mainly for blog content.. but I’m so excited to be seeing Anastacia again in June. And Bletchley Park!

Similar to above, this is just a snippet of blog ideas that I wish to write this year. Some of it, now in retrospect, seems a little bit ambitious..

Finally, my business cards! These are from Moo, and were a birthday present last year. It looks far more professional at a networking event, than scribbling down your digits..
Some sections I’ve missed out, because they are too private, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2017 set up,


  1. January 7, 2017 / 11:58 am

    Hi! Made my way here thanks to Philofaxy. I’m no help in the planner naming arena although I had to say thank you for sharing your planner update. Always a treat to see inside a planner that’s really being used! : )

    • January 7, 2017 / 12:13 pm

      That’s so wonderful to hear! Thank you very much for visiting my little space on the internet-

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