A planner tour for 2017.


Recently, I blogged about my change of planner allegiance, as well as with a “How-to guide”. This is a planner sort of in transit, ready for 2017. There’s a lot of Washi Tape, as well as stickers..

I recently changed pens-just so I have four shades instead of fountain pen blue. Because that’s just dull,  isn’t it?! I can now prioritise more efficently. It’s made by Bic, as well as good thickness. 😀

This is what I see on opening. The pocket hasn’t changed as much, and is liable to become ever more stuffed with important papers. The plastic pocket is of previous concert/exhibition/play tickets I’ve seen. But for 2017, I’d love for it to be filled with different experiences, etc. Previously, it served as an insparation reminder, having had the idea when reading Gala Darling. “You do your job because of this…” Some favorite experiences include last year’s Lissie concert, and an Audrey Hepburn exhibit.

(Yes, I did enjoy Ghostbusters…) Next to this, you can see my buisness cards. A great birthday present! (I recommend Moo, any time.) Hopefully, there will be more chances to use these.. it has my blog URL, and briefly about me.

The pocket on the right mainly holds many vouchers at one time. It’s preferable to save money, as a student, after all. There’s also some things stashed as Christmas gifts, if you look carefully. (Bear yoyo products can at times be my vice….)

This is my diary.

As you can see: Washi and Stickers! Both of these are from Hobbycraft, and were a great investment. Organisation is one of my habits I find hard to neglect; otherwise, I really don’t know what would happen. I also like to colour code days on a Sunday, assigning tasks, as well as decorating with stickers and washi. The label was from a stationary shop in France.

This is the back of the Divider. ( I found these on Amazon.)

This is an example page. The Orange post-it is for posts, so I know what to write, often months in advance.There’s also one scheduled on the Monday.. I’ll also be attending a concert in the Sunday. The stickers are from Kikki K. The Washi is from Pound Land, I think.

I highlight events, almost as a colour coded mood tracker. Just so I feel safe, and able to manage.

Next section:

This section of ‘Notes’ contains a lot of things, as said on the reverse:

It was just crying out to be decorated! Over the next year, I’ll be adding more to it, mainly due to changes of circumstance.

This recipe dates from World War Two, which was passed on to me a few years ago. They are very delicious.

I posted this one a while ago..

One other thing: once I’m fine studying, these are just a *few* places to vist-a sort of tourist bucket list.

Next section: Projects!

This is for the long term, including my book..
Book tracker for an and of year post:

A look at the schedule for my column. Some of these reallllllyyyy need to be changed:

And a whole sub-section:

Needless to say, if this is ever published, I’ll be very chuffed.


2016: the year I spent on trains. Ironically. This section is ever-changing: routes, Times, dates, etc.


And some financial things:

Although I use paperless statements, one of my goals is to track outgoing payments, employment, spending, etc. However, this year I mainly used it to plan presents for events, buy tickets for events, etc. (This page seems to have attracted most curiousty..)

Finally, my address tab:

And at the back:

For 2017, I do have some planner asporations:

  • Use the financial section more, to save money, hopefully from a new job. This is to maybe fund me undertaking the NTCJ course.
  • Plan ahead and in advance.
  • Keep better track of birthdays.
  • Pencil in time to write my book; it is starting to feel like it just needs to be written.
  • Keep it up!

What are you planning for 2017?



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