"…it's safety in numbers I guess…" : Lissie gig review.

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Chances are that if you’re aware of the indie folk rock music market, you would have heard of Lissie. The big bluesy monster of a voice, coupled with her own lyrics and music. What more could you possibly want? I was so lucky to see Lissie in Brighton last Wednesday, and enjoyed myself immensely.
The support act was Teddy Thompson; a guitar player originally from London, he kept on s entertained with his sharp, witty humour. He reminds me a little bit of  Ed Sheehan-heartfelt lyrics, guitar slung over one shoulder, lost to music. Because that’s what music is about, isn’t it? An artist who is in the industry for the music, not the lifestyle. Ironically, it was Thompson himself who played a song relative to that theme.

I think that live performance is my strong suit. When it’s all in the moment and you feel that adrenaline from a crowd.
-Lissie interview, with Mademoiselle.

It’s approximately at nine that Lissie arrives on stage; there’s a lack of superiority that some artists seem to have. At her side is a new guitarist, Nick Lotto, seemingly absent from last year’s tour. Before the night finishes, he’ll play alongside Lissie, and sing backing. They compliment each other-a huskier lower tone against the rising lyrical vocal that we’ve all come to see. Hats off, sir! You’re brilliant.

Opening this concert is Hero, the first single of Lissie’s latest album, My Wild West. But it’s what follows that has me completely overjoyed; the cracker of Further Away, from Back To Forever. How anyone can manage to sustain such a note is beyond me. This is what music is-and why I’ve come to see Lissie live.

I’ve been trying to practice this… don’t be invested in the outcome, just do what you’re doing and have faith.
-Lissie interview, Mademoiselle.

There’s other highlights; this includes When I’m Alone, Oh Mississippi, Shamless, Don’t You Give Up On Me, In Sleep, and even Joni Mitchell’s River.
My favorite moment of all has to be the climax of When I’m Alone. This is a song that’s a favorite of mine-the arching chorus, the raw vocal, compelte with such brilliant lyrics. Lissie seemed almost lost in the music-with hair swishing, flying about, and dancing all around the stage. Liberal Brighton is the perfect venue for Lissie. And any artist alike.
I also loved Shamless. The rocker of a song, complete with a few expletives, about the standards of beauty in a brutal industry. Everyone was singing along! And that’s were I want to be…

Recently, there has also been the Live At Union Chapel Release-Lissie, live in concert. It’s a complete perfect combination. This was almost a running thread throughout the evening; Lissie is signed to Cooking Vinyl in the U.K., and Lionboy in the U.S. These labels are independent. This complements Lissie to the core; her brand is authentic, as is her music. The appeal to the expanding fan base must be immense….she admitted to being “shameless” in promoting her releases, etc. And for good reason to; the more invested, the better the new, emerging releases and tours could be.

There was only one thing I missed; the element of improvision from last year’s concert, Manchester. The crowd had shouted out songs that they wished to hear played live, and some of their wishes were accordingly granted. This show I saw last week lacked some auidence contact; it had some, but retained a superficial edge, almost. There could have also been some percussion added; it’s all very well just having two guitars, yet a gritty sound is what is needed. There is some gravitas lacking-but it would have a greater effect in playing the songs.
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I’m also going to be shameless now; click here to buy Live At Union Chapel. It’s a great live album. I highly recommend it. Or, to stay up to date with Lissie, click here. 

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