Quick Christmas Ideas.

A few people have asked me for a Christmas gift idea, or even just a piece of advice when it comes to shopping. Hence the idea for this post-I wanted to give you a few hints, tips, etc. I’ve also linked in a few places from round the blogosphere, just because.

  1. If you have a skill, in terms of craft, or even woodwork, use it. Mostly because it’s personal in touch, as well as far cheaper. And you could make something for all your relatives and friends.
  2. Go shopping at a charity shop. It’s all for a good cause, as well.
  3. Get personal with wrapping like over at Gem Fatale. Click here to see the post. I’ll be attempting this this year, although I do feel that this may be a little bit beyond my craft ability.
  4. Write poetry. If you like…just present it in a nice frame.
  5. Cheap food. Always a plus. Particularly chocolate and anything sweet. Although it’s best not to buy too much. I did that the other day….
  6. Try an IOU. Or even a book. Because, literally, this is the gift that doesn’t stop giving. Unless you put in an expiry date.
  7.  Choose something that corresponds, maybe in a jocular way, to somebody’s interests. Laughter is a lovely sound, and we need more of it , after all. Plus it makes a lovely memory.
  8. Promises in envelopes, hidden, for a ‘treasure hunt ‘. 
  9. A sweet jar. A refillable gift.

If you would love an idea for a decoration, click here. Or for some other inspiration, click here.

What else would you advise?



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