Review: Small Great Things By Jodi Picoult.*

[AD/gifted: Hodder & Stroughton gave me a copy of this book, in exchange for a review.]

I do love a thought provoking book; a moral dilema at the core, needing reflection, some sort of resolution. Jodi Picoult may have a formula-event, court, resolution. But, damn,  she’s good. Small Great Things, what I’m reading, is an epic read. It’s released today.
What I liked:
Two things, really; alternating view point and language. This is a book about race relations-a baby of a white supremacist dies,  with a black nurse ostensibly implicated for murder. Yet, we hear from her, as well as Turk, the man who lost his first son.
The narrative voice, through language, is also quite distinct. There’s clearly distinct dialect – Mamma for the nurse, the N-word for Turk. It’s refreshing to almost see it vividly before your eyes. I’m tired of ‘correct ‘ authors; those who censor words like that, thus skirting round the issue.
What I didn’t like:
Obviously, to make a book, you need retrospective forward and back flashes. It informs characteristics. But it wasn’t entirely laid out clearly-at times I had to really concentrate. 
Can you #readwithoutpredjudice? I think everyone should read this. What a great book.
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