Review: Resonator, the new album by Kathryn Williams.*

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted a copy of the album in exchange for a review, having previously collaborated.]

It has been a little while, since we’ve heard from Kathryn Williams, the singer songwriter who produced Hypoxia, an album based on The Bell Jar. Today sees the release of her latest album, Resonator, with Anthony Kerr.
The track listing is as follows:

  1. You don’t know what love is.
  2. My funny valentine.
  3. Every time we say goodbye.
  4. I’m a fool to want you.
  5. Like someone in love.
  6. The very thought of you.
  7. The man I love.
  8. Embraceable you.
  9. Stormy weather.
  10. Autumn leaves.

“Left right left right left right. Moistiurise. Panic. Left right left right, turn back, no no wait that’s right….. No one knows what they’re doing….. So do it anyway. Hope that is helpful.”
-Kathryn Williams, Mademoiselle Interview.
Yes, these are all reworked Jazz covers.
To be totally honest, I would have loved for these songs to have more of a rock flavour to them; obviously, all of these songs have haunting vocals. But they strike me as very much the “same”; they could have each been distinctive in their own right. But, this is counter-balanced by the sheer ambition of this project; after all, who takes on Jazz greats?
Overall, my favourite tracks on this album have to be Every Time We Say Goodbye and Embraceable You. And I would love to see this on tour.
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