Review: Together. Because I Love Opera, Okay?*

​[AD/gifted: I was gifted a copy of this, in exchange for a review.]

Months ago, when I read that Alfie Boe and Michael Ball were releasing an album of duets-And, seemingly, Broadway classics-I was really excited. To me, this was going to be one of the most exciting albums this year. To top it off, it is also aptly called “Together.”
The track listing is as follows:
Led Miserables Suite
Music Of The Night
Speak Softly Love
Tell Me It’s Not True
Incurably Romantic
Stairway To Paradise
Wonderful World/Somewhere Over The Rainbow
For Once In My Life
A Thousand Years
When You Wish Upon A Star
You’ll Never Walk Alone
I’ll Be Home For Christmas
No easy feat really.
My favourites from the album have to be Incurably Romantic, Wonderful World/Somewhere Over The Rainbow, When You Wish Upon A Star, and You’ll Never Walk Alone. They have been harmonized so well, complete with a crescendo of backing music. I just wish that this had been recorded orchestrally-in order to showcase far more what absolutely brilliant voices these two men have.
Everywhere I go now, I’m listening to this album-which is almost odd, considering I am not an opera fan. But it’s an album that would appeal far beyond this-largely down to song choice. (How would Defying Gravity gone, do you think?)
I also like the way the two men entangle their voices, each taking the lead in turn, almost as if competing with each other.
My only real criticism is that each song could have been as good as what I’ve already mentioned; at times, particularly with Stairway To Paradise and Somewhere, I feel as if these there are merely album fillers. They don’t always mark themselves out as unique;  they are seemingly just ‘there’.
What do you think? Leave your thoughts on the comments.
Click here to buy Together. Or here for tickets to see these two men live.

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