What I do to relax, By Katie (Guest Post.)

*This is part of a guest post series, completely unique to this week. Photos courtesy of Mademoiselle*
Hello all you lovely people,
I’m Katie from countrykatieuk. Lydia asked me a while back if I fancied doing a guest post and straight away I jumped at the opportunity.
After I had agreed it suddenly dawned upon me I’d have to have a real good think about what to write for you as I couldn’t do what I normally do on my blog and write about whatever takes my fancy at  that precise moment. I’d also have to be more organised than normal and write to a deadline.
So after putting it off for a week claiming I was trying to think it through, I sat down and did some research into what I think you’d like to read, what I wanted to write and what would still be relevant when Lydia was away. I came up with what I do to relax.
By the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll have been working in the city for a few months and the winter months will be fast approaching, and I will definetly be feeling the need to chill out more when I come home from a long hard day at the office. I don’t know about you but after a long hard day often I find myself looking to a beverage to unwind, often in my case a glass of Rose or a cheeky cocktail with my work mates. On other ocassions a simple cup of Earl Grey does the trick. Even better than just having a beverage is enjoying my drink whilst soaking in a warm bath, with my favourite bath oil or a bath bomb. Maybe even a few candles and if I’m going all out, a read of whatever book I have on the go!

If this is still not enough then I love to have a good pamper, so I feel at my best to tackle whatever stress maybe coming my way. So I’ll shave my legs, making sure to use my favourite SASS Skin Concentrate to nourish my skin and maximise time between shaves, because nothing makes me feel more in control and ready to achieve whatever is coming my way than having silky smooth legs. Then I’ll put on a face mask, preferably something containing clay to draw out any spots I may have lingering beneith the surface ready to pounce out at me like a lion on a mouse and knock me off my game.

While my face mask is drying I like to start giving myself a pedicure, which I’ll finish off once I have stopped looking like the Grinch. I always choose a cheery colour for my toe nails, for an instant pick me up so whenever life gets me down and I end up looking down in despair, I can see something that will instantly make me feel happy and more confident.
However despite it being the antipathy of what you may think, to help me feel fully relaxed, I like to tackle a few of the jobs that have been sat on my to do list for a while so I have less to feel stressed about. Nothing major, but maybe put a load of washing on, chip away at my mountain of ironing or sort through my hundreds of emails, only for 15 minutes so I feel like I have achieved something, but not completely overwhelmed.
Thanks again to the lovely Lydia for letting me post on her fabulous blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! If you loved it then head over to my blog for more lifestyle posts and other random musings that come out of my mind.
Katie xx (visit her blog here.)

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