10 pet peeves on a train.

Okay, I take a lot of train rides. (Obviously, not being able to drive.) This post is not intended to be “bitchy”-but these are my ten pet peeves when on a train.

1. Long haul trip and not putting your suitcase on the overhead shelve.

Why? Why? Why? It takes up vital leg space, and often intrudes into the personal space of other people. 

2. Now that you mention it, bags on seats.

It deprives other people from their seats. And is rude when a small child, or somebody else, just needs a seat. Possessions surely should be on your lap or the floor?

3. Music so loud I can hear it through the headphones.

Whenever I’ve tried this, it hurts. Beyond measure. And it can be disruptive on a train journey. Besides, I would rather not hear your prefered genre of music I’ll probably dislike.

4. Turn off the phone sounds.

Whether it’s the tapping of keys, a Snapchat story, or a film, I don’t want to be disturbed. Really.

5. Please do not kick my chair.

6. Or rest your feet on the back of it.

7. And, above all, please just blow your nose. 

Please don’t sniff. Or snuffle. Constantly. Just blow it out….

8. Voices that are aggressive aren’t polite.

I’ll be taking the quiet carriage now….

9. Stop shoving.

Yes, trains are often overpacked. To the extreme. But, I want to get to my destination as well. Please don’t push in front of me. Or push me off the train. That could mean somebody will be hurt..

10. Smelly food. And barfing. Ugghh. 



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