A Letter To My Furture Daughter.

This has been something floating round on the Blogosphere for a while; I’m particular, I was inspired by this version, over at This Stuff Is Golden. And, I wanted to compose my own version. Here goes..

Hello Sweetie.-

It’s Mummy. Well, sort of. From way back in the past, complete with black glasses and brunette shoulder length hair. I wanted to pass down some things I’ve learnt, a sort of Wisdom, to help you. There’s a lot you can learn from simply talking to people.

1. It’s doing what you love that makes you Happy.
Money can insulate from hardship, I know, but that doesn’t really have meaning. You should do what you love-be it the author of books, the painter of pictures, or the spinner of wool. And keep to it!

2. If he or she makes you feel bad in a relationship, it’s not worth it. Enough said.

3. Help is always here, if you remember to ask for it.
Okay, that one partially came from Harry Potter. But it’s true, and was never something I was particularly good at. The can-do-attitude does not always win. If you really need help, ask.

4. Try going for personality, rather than appearance.
Apperance changes, unlike the personality. (You can’t change somebody. Reading enough books taught me that.) And it is not something very nice to be on the receiving end of. (People who say “You’re ugly” to your face are not worth the time.)

5. Dance like nobody is watching, in all you do.
To be happy is not not equitable with what somebody thinks of you inside their head. You can’t have control over it-and it’ll make you miserable otherwise. Dance like nobody is watching in all that you do-if it’s performing, singing, writing, reading, studying, whatever.

6. Do your best. Always.

7. You’re allowed a night in, a day off. We all need time to re-energise.

8. Respect for life is really what goes far-as in, be kind to different faiths,  skin colours, beliefs,disability, etc. 

Racism is illogical. And it is really not worth living under this delusion. We’re all alike,  on the basis of being human. It just gets complicated at times.

9. Be sensible when it comes to health. And deadlines. And studying.It’ll  be useful in future.

10. Voting is not a waste of time. (I studied politics at school.)
It elects the prime minister, who informs the law, and what you could do with it. Vote for the most commonly decent candidate who could change so much for you. Not by party, unless you really believe in it. They work for us, the people! Please never be apathetic.

11. It’s good to be humble.

12. And then apologize.

13. And forgive. Move on forget.

14. Have fun in proportion to your work.

15. And never ever stop smiling.
There’s more I wanted to say, but as you’ll grow up, I’ll teach you more than a quick blog post can ever say.

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