Together release.*

Correction: this is going to be released on 4th November.

Today, Alfie Boe and Michael Ball are releasing Together, a joint album of classical music. (Did anyone watch Alfie Bowie singing at the Queen’s ninetieth birthday? Such a great performance.)  I am really exicted to see them perform in Brighton, possibly, as well as for the literal album. It’s also going to have some Broadway songs on it. 
This is what I would really like to see on the album, but what probably won’t be on the track list:

Alfie Boe to cover Barcelona.

Have you seen the documentary Freddie Mercury Saved My Life? Alfie spoke about a personal connection to Queen, particularly Freddie Mercury himself. Anyway, it cumulates in him covering Mercury’s Barcelona. I would love Alfie Boe to record this with a full Orchestra. Because wouldn’t that be brilliant? 

A duet of Defying Gravity.

This is one of my all-time favourite Broadway songs. I particularly love the Kerry Ellis version best of all. I would love Ball and Boe to duet this, with full two-part harmonies. That would be epic.


This is the only Broadway show I’ve seen actually on Broadway. Any way, as a semi-ironic slant, I would love to see the duo record something from this great musical. But then again, they strike me as a duo who are far too refined to do such a thing. I would have loved to have since this at one point, though…

Protest song from Les Mis.

Okay, bear with me on this on-mainly because I cannot spell French words,  or remember the title of the song-but it goes “Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry man?”  I want a full two part harmony, orchestra, backing singers,  violins, etc. This would be a great song if they covered it, I feel.

What would you like to see on the album?



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