Not Dead Yet By Phil Collins ; Release.*

Doesn’t it seem, that more and more recently, there has been almost an avalanche of rock auto-biographies? The self-penned memoirs, I’m thinking of people such as Chrissie Hynde, and Carly Simon. The latter I really loved, just because of the language-it feels unusual on the tongue, and is immensely gratifying when reading about Simon’s life.

I also love a Rock biography written by Music journalists, as you can probably tell from the photo..

Today, Phil Collins, to coincide with a new box set complemation, is releasing Not Dead Yet, his very own auto-biography. Even if you aren’t a fan of Genesis, or of his solo material, in terms of history,I think that this will be a fascinating read. (Are there any rock fans reading this!?) Any way, this is what I hope it will be covering. 

1. In The Air Tonight.

Did anyone see the latest Genesis documentary, complete with a look at the solo careers of the four members? There was some contoversy about who played on it, and what it is truly about. Still, there are various theories circulating on the internet. I would like this book to really be clear, even clarify, who played in the original recording, what it’s about, etc. 

(But then again, many people wanted to see who You’re So Vain was about in Carly Simon’s Boys In The Trees. We got a glimpse, but not at all properly. Maybe enigma should stay enigma…)

2. Live Aid.

Phil Collins was the only performer to perform at both concerts-Wembley and the JFK Stadium. I want this book to almost replicate this, the very feel, of what it was like to perform, switch, race to the states, and do it all again. Because that must have been taxing, but surely so worth it?

3. Tarzan.

How did it come about that Collins wrote the soundtrack for the Disney film?

What do you think? Will you be reading this? Let me know in the comments.
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