The A-Z Of Me.

Over on Dorkface, I saw, and was consequently inspired by, her Alphabet of herself. So, I wanted to do my own post…

A… is for Aspergers Syndrome. I was diagnosed in January 2015. It’s a high functioning disorder, meaning I can be highly literal, not understand communication, and can get very stressed if plans change at the last minute.

B…. is for Books. I’m a Bibliophie, if ever there was such a word. I like to inhabit fictional words created by somebody else’s mind.

C… is for Cats. My nickname is Crazy Cat Lady.

D….is for DVD. I love a good DVD, even a boxset, complete with a night in. 24, Orange Is The New Black, Ab Fab..really, for people like me, Netflix is such a great thing.

E. … is for Everywhere I Go. This is one of my favorite Lissie songs above all. I also love her song Shameless.

F…. is for Filofax. Because, after all, it seems to have become quite a fixture on this blog. For somebody like me with Aspergers Sydrome, it’s a great tool. And not just for organisation.

G…is for Girly. I like to do ‘girly’things. (I hate that word, but it fits the Alphabet!) I like to paint my nails most of all.

H…is for Hotcakes. A favorite Carly Simon album. It’s not what I usually listen to, but I like the tone of contentment that goes throughout it. Mock..yeah…ing…yeah…bird…yeah…yeah…yeah..

I…is for Interviews. Other people are far more interesting than myself. It can mean that I’m a bit nosey at times, though. Some of my favorites include Lissie, Carl Anthony, Anastacia, Marc Martel..

J. .. is for jokes. I’m known for my awful jokes by my relatives. Really, there so bad, it’s awful.

K… is for (A) Kind Of Magic. My favorite Queen album, particularly on Vinyl. It’s a kind of magic… I also really love Highlander. It’s the thirtieth anniversary this year.

L. .. is for Lucifer. The hilarious Netflix comedy. I can’t wait to binge watch series two.

M…is for Marc Martel. The lovely singer from Queen Extravaganza was one of my favorite interviewees, largely as it was something that appealed to Queen’s large fan base. Roger Taylor even put it on his Social Media (!)

N… is for Nobody Does It Better. My favourite 007 theme tune.

O. for Orange. More specifically, Sunset Orange. That’s one of my favorite views.

P… is for Philippa Hanna. I really enjoyed seeing her in concert at the Palladium in May. I can’t wait to share an interview with you later this year.

Q. .. is for Queen. I love the Rock band. And, one day, I would love to see Catherine Windsor as Queen. (She strikes me as a lovely human being.)

R… is for Red. I love to paint my nails in red shades.

S… is for Staring At The Sun. My favorite Anastacia song.

T… is for The Storyteller. The book, which I saw as a film for my fourteenth birthday, is an epic read. I also like it because it shows a German Child in World Was Two. That’s very rare to read about.

U… is for Ugly. At the V&A, I like to look at the ‘ugly’ sculptures, simply because they’re unconventional. I atcually think that that sort of art is beautiful. I also love their exhibits.

V. .. is for Red Velvet Cake. Yum. But then again, it’s cake.

W. .. is for Women’s Rights. I very passionately believe that everyone should be equal. You may not agree with what I’ve just blogged, but I’ll defend your write to dislike it..*

*Thomas Jefferson paraphrased.

X. … is for X. It’s the way I like to sign off my posts these days.

Y… is for Yes. It’s a personal achievement that the Rock band follow me on Twitter. Though I have no idea as to why.

Z. .. is for Zootropilis. I’m aiming to see this soon.

What’s the A-Z  of you?



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