QUEX Anticipation; What I wish To See.*

Last year, I was lucky enough to see Queen Extravaganza in concert; to put it bluntly, the official tribute band is immensely stunning. Pure brilliance. 
This year, they are returning with A Nght At The Opera and Greatest Hits. For somebody who’s never got to see Queenin their heyday, this is something I’m really excited to be seeing, latterly reviewing. This is what I would like to see at the Hammersmith Odeon performance:
1. More from Drummer Tyler Warren.
Last year, I couldn’t help but think he was a little bit confined to behind his huge drum kit. From an interview coming soon, I want to see more of what he articulates, to be on stage. And that falsetto…
2. A gritty Another One Bites The Dust.
This was Queen’s best selling single. But when performed live, I like the rhythm to be quite fast, less stilted, with very raw vocals, and less guitar. Just my preference, or am I being overly picky?! (On second thoughts, don’t answer that one..)
3. Bicycle Race live.
Why? Because I haven’t seen it live, apart from when I saw Queen and Adam Lambert last year. I want to see it performed in an old venue, complete with auidence participation, lights, the full works. Will there be literal bikes? Probably not, in my estimation.
4. Let Me Entertain You live.
And no, not the Robbie Williams song. This was on the Jazz album, and it’s the pure embodiment of a hedonistic Rock lifestyle. As I’ve already said, I never got to see Queenin their heyday, but this is one of my favourite songs. Though it’s not a greatest hit, I would love to see this. After all, Hammersmith Odeon seems ideal for that sort of song. The Rock Montreal version is epic.
5. General chat between songs.
Yeah, this isn’t something typically associated with Rock concerts. But this is truly what I think should be a fixture in all concerts, just to lend it a little bit of fluency. It also doesn’t make such an event to be an all out intimidating thing…
What do you look for at a concert?

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