The Fall: My Opinion Piece.

The Fall; I’ve been a fan since series one, and have since been eagerly awaiting series three. My favourite character, played by Gillian Anderson, has to be Stella Gibson, because of the way she’s very pro women’s rights. She- to borrow a word I dislike- is a total boss. I love the one liners, the ability to instantly gets what she wants. She’s bold, brassy, and blunt. It’s in stark contrast to Paul Spector, the obvious “baddie” of the Franchise.

The TV series is set in Belfast, complete with a series of murders that SI Gibson must solve, following her call out and relocation from somewhere, which I think was London. There’s a common theme, eventually leading to the cat and mouse scheme; each victim is female, complete with a career of her own. It’s old fashioned misogyny, coupled with violence against women. Often brutal in the depiction, it’s not a series for somebody faint hearted or anyone who dislikes gore.

The Fall has been often criticised for, ostensibly, sexualising violence against women; I felt compelled to write a post, instead in defence.

For a TV show that’s based around violence against women, surely that’s the whole point? Paul Spector abuses women in this way, in order to degrad; it’s quite a stark juxtaposition to Stella Gibson, the female detective and leader of the operation to catch him.

Throughout The Fall, time and time again, the point is continually made that this is clearly a dangerous man, a killer on the loose, who must be caught. He must, he has to, spend the rest of his life in prison, repenting for what anyone would describe as truly shocking, disgusting crimes. As long as Stella Gibson is still a part of the cast, I am more inclined to believe tbe creator of the show that this is not glossing over violence against women. It doesn’t support it either. The Fall is instead showing how awful it truly is.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to this BBC drama?



P.S you also may enjoy this Buzzfeed post about how ‘badass’ Stella Gibson is.

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