How to get the best night’s sleep: Guest Post by Calli.

Blogtober, by now, is in full swing. To me, although having never undertaken a blog challenge, it’s about diversifying.  After a twitter exchange, Calli from Baking With Calli, decided to guest post. Her blog is a complete mix, and a great read. You can click here to visit her blog.

We’ve all had a rough night’s sleep at least one in our life before. But, for those of you that have them quite a lot, have you ever wondered your bedtime routine could be the problem? I’m here to give you five simple pieces of information that could be stopping you from having a great night’s sleep.

1)The temperature
Is your room too hot or too cold? Did you know the correct temperature of your room should be 18’C if you want a good nights sleep?

2) The Bed

Do you need to change your mattress? Information shows that you should get a new mattress every 8 years. So, if your bed is lumpy and super uncomfortable, it could be time for a change.

3) Don’t have a meal right before bed

This is a classic mistake people make. If you have a meal just before you hop into bed, you wont sleep because your body will be awake and ready to digest your food.

4) Dont have caffeine!
This is obvious. But if you have a caffeinated drink before bed…you aint sleeping my friend! The caffeine will keep you awake and you will have to wait for it to wear off before you fall asleep.

5) Chill out.

When you are getting ready for bed, start to unwind. Get some cosy pjs on, get comfy and dont spend too long on your phone. The light that your phone gives off will keep your brain awake and will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

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