A Filofax update; I bought it anew!


So, yeah..I bought a new Filofax. This red Metrapool replaced my four-years-on-the-go-planner, which was beginning to give up on me. Still the same size Personal, this is the insides:


Okay, maybe not.

There’s two pen loops, unlike the one before: it’s very useful, as my biros do run out very quickly.

On opening..


In the left pockets is my Benefit voucher, benefit brow wax card from Elle, stamps, markers,  various post it’s, stickers, a letter, and buisness flyer.

In the envelope is a postcard of the young Bowie, which latterly turns over to this Carly Simon reference:


“Don’t you, don’t you????”

But here’s a view of my tabs, which I purchased from Amazon. Notes is for on the go, projects is this blog, information for any events,and the rest are self explanatory.


A blank page of the diary, with a blog post slot:


What’s kept in my notes:



And in the projects:



An event I went to and blogged a while ago:


And finally, my buisness cards:


How do you use your Filofax?

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