What I'm Reading: Happy By Derren Brown. *

[Gifted/AD: I have been sent this book, in exchange for a review.]

If ever you think of Derren Brown, there’s probably a semantic field,relying on the theme of ‘magic’: illusion, hypnosis, magician, conjuring, etc. What I would not have expected was Philosopher. Which is what really makes Happy so utterly intriguing.
Opening with a passage about a women who isn’t at all nice about her daughter and her looks, the implication is soon made clear: change, tell yourself a different story. And it seems to work; in my own personal life, that has worked rather well. I think I’ve quite suprised myself since.
The book deals with various things, almost as if to track different moments of life. My favourite passage is the chapter to do with death-and I atcually found it quite comforting. I only wish it could have been a little bit more balanced, in terms of aithesim vs relegion. It could have been less detrimental to the overall concept of the book.
Additionally, I also think Brown is far more inttelegence than I’ll be able to keep up with. There’s various tangents, references, etc. I don’t always understand, but on that basis, would love to interview him.
Finally, I had also wished that some parts could have also dealt with anxiety, and other conditions. To try and be Happy doesn’t always work-if there is some underlying cause, I think this can be damaging. But then again, I have yet to finish…
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