My bucket list: here’s what I want to achieve.

Bucket them, hate them, they essentially are goals set over a certain amount of time you wish to achieve. These are long term goals that I wish to achieve, and what currently reside in my Filofax:

  • Meet and/or interview Carly Simon.
  • Visit Holland for a week.
  • Be a reporter.
  • Write an article for Blogosphere magazine.
  • Publish a book.
  • Learn to cook a curry.
  • Get married.
  • Meet Hilary Clinton.
  • Take part in a flash mob.
  • Learn a full Sylvia Plath poem.
  • Qualify on the NTCJ course.
  • Read Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon.
  • Interview Brian May.
  • Cook a complex three course meal.
  • Visit the JFK library for research.
  • Have at least a thousand hits.
  • Sell a literal book to make money.
  • Attend many concerts.
  • See Alison Moyet live.
  • Have an award from Royalty.
  • See an imperial Russia exhibit.
  • Design my own stationery.
  • Interview Alfie Boe.
  • Sing live on stage.
  • Become a national columnist.
  • Write a poetry book.
  • Learn Dutch.
  • Be able in Shorthand.
  • Play pingpong for an hour.
  • Make a mixtape.
  • Interview Caitlin Moran.
  • Sustain a pot plant.
  • Watch The Entity.
  • Learn a passage from the Diary Of Anne Frank.
  • Read the critical edition.
  • Sing a Carly Simon song fully.
  • Listen to Serinita.
  • Cook a roast.
  • A week of no sugar and meat!
  • Meet a drummer.
  • Take part in an acapella group.
  • Read Everyday Sexism.
  • Type a poem.
  • Watch Race.
  • Lie peacefully on a Bostonian beach.
  • Visit Plath’s hometown.
  • Buy myself a diamond ring.
  • Always vote.
  • Serve politically.
  • Have a spa day.

What are your ambitions?



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