Review: Clover Moon By Jacqueline Wilson. *


We all remember Jacqueline Wilson, don’t we? The great dame of publishing has released a new book today; titled ‘Clover Moon’, it’s Victorian historical fiction.

Clover is the eldest of her siblings; at eleven, she’s charged with looking after them. She hasn’t been to school. And Mildred, the epitomy of ‘evil stepmother’, keeps punishing her-complete with a horrible gash. She decides to run away. The plot then goes from there.

What I liked:

It’s very much alive with vivid imagery; the ‘pa’ of the alleyway, a ‘rag’ instead of a China Doll. I’m probably older than Wilson’s target auidence – but , retrospectively, that’s what made the story real for me. I’m probably older than the target auidence, but that’s what nearly always makes a great book. It drew me in from page one. To the end. And I was sad when it finished.

What I didn’t like:

The historical inaccuracy! Yes, it’s fiction, but it added an element of untruth to the plot. Shampoo was not around to the fifties-yet a Victorian girl is taking a chance to revel in it.As a reader, that’s my only real pet hate about books-aside from bad spelling and fabrication.


It’s atcually quite a nice little book-suitble for any eleven year old. Maybe it’s worth keeping note,  as a potential Christmas present.

Click here to buy from Amazon.
Disclaimer; this was sent to me by Jacqueline’s publicist, Naomi Cooper, for an honest review. What you have read is my honest opinion.

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