Busy Bee Stationery August Box Review.*

(DISCLAIMER: The following post involves a PR sample. I was sent this for free, in exchange for an honest review. That is what this post is intended to be.)

Hello my lovely Blog readers.-

A little while ago, this parcel arrived in the post. And, to be totally honest, any parcel always garners my interest. It’s from the lovely people at Busy Bee Stationery, New York. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. It’s the August version, so I do realise I’m a little late to The game..

(The Filofax is hiding my address.)

This is what I saw on opening. 

To be honest, there was a little moment of a sinking feeling. It was almost like receiving a huge parcel, yet to find out a toothbrush, and excess packaging was inside. But, the box really wasn’t like that, meaning I was quite surprised. 

I loved how the little note have the August theme as “being creative.” In the above photo is a large stamp set, and fountain pen. A bonus, since that’s what I can only write with very well..

What follows is what else was inside..

Journaling cards! These will look very cool in my Filofax, just to draw attention to much needed detail, with a HUGE giraffe face 😍

To be totally honest, I’m not sure what these are..they seem to be paper that you can stick with a gluestick? But I love the feel..

A huge double pack of stickers. They will be nice in my planner…

Washi Tape stickers..😍😍 they stick really well..

Finally, some plain paper cards.

So, essentially, this box was a card making kit. I stuck the theme, and decided to Get Creative, by making cards. A scholar I was talking to have me the idea; a sort of poetry exchange. Although, this time, it would be by snail mail. 🐌🐌 And more creative than emailing.

In doing so, I really felt like a kid again: peeling and printing, stamping and sticking. Not at all akward. In fact, I really enjoyed myself, and can’t wait to see what people think. Maybe that could even be carried out as a blog exchange?

Overall, this box is a great investment; I just feel it needs a little more airtight packaging, to prevent my initial dissapointment.

What do you think?



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