15 thoughts I have whilst blogging

This blog has been going since July 2012; there’s a lot I’ve learnt since then. But, whenever I begin to post, my thoughts follow a train of thought, pretty much the same, as detailed below:

A lot of time is spent doing this..

1. That image looks a little blurry…save for Instagram.

2. Failure to upload; uggghhh!

3. What am I doing, just say here?

4. *sees another blogger with astronomical views*. Why can’t I be like her? And with that amount of views?

5. Do I need to bother writing? Noo. .

6. Emojis seem inappropiate, in a post, but not on Twitter.

7. This film seems awful, but I would rather watch it, than blog.

8. *Looses all motivation to blog*.

9. Gosh, the cat is a nice companion, when sat, at my laptop, late at night.

10. Yay, there’s….one view…

11. What is the purpose of life?

12. Hopefully this tweet will be recieved well.

13. *silent screaming…*

14. *Loss of more motivation…*

15. Blogging is the best thing I have ever done. And I am not going to give up. Not at all.
What do you think when blogging? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!


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