Blogosphere Meet Up.

Last Sunday, I took part in my first Bloggers Meet Up; needless to say, I was nervous, as well as excited. But wouldn’t anyone be, with a bunch of strangers from the Internet?! *

This was not helped by Google Maps; going the long way around, I was just under half an hour late. And even with subsequent tweets to the magazine hosting! (Yes, I don’t know Brighton as well as I could do. East Street was just not on my radar..) I had walked too far in my glitzy shoes by then, and quickly changed into more comfy trainers.

To be a part of a Reserved table made me feel like a VIP, needless to say . Scoop and Crumble are an excellent cafe; if ever you get the chance to visit, I highly recommend.

Once I had arrived, I quickly became involved in the conversation. (And probably the youngest there!) We chatted about Blogging-such as posting, advertising, Zoella,-and more serious subjects, such as The Brook Turner Controversy. It was very much a united event, in the sense that I had not felt out of place, and calm.


By then, business cards were exchanged, and I went all, a great event, and I hope to do more soon!

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


*I should not have been worried; they were all very lovely.

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