15 things I’ve learned in four years as a blogger.

It was in 2012 that I set this website up-doesn’t four years seem a long time? There was the Olympics…anyway, here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. You should always take your own pictures. For legal reasons.
  2. Most Bloggers are open to collaboration. All you have to do is send a polite email.
  3. Repetition is dull.Don’t just have the same theme for all your posts in the space of six months. Trust me.
  4. You will be trolled at some point. Ignore, block, report, move on. It’s not worth being upset about.
  5. Twitter is great. Use it.
  6. Plan ahead with ideas, as well as scheduling. It can be addictive, at times painful, but worth the while.
  7. Numbers truely don’t matter. The fact that you have even dared to publicly write does.
  8. Check the facts. It’s embarrassing to be corrected by a fan of some band..
  9. Write honestly.
  10. Have clear photos. Otherwise it can be off putting. Nobody really wants just to read a lump of text.
  11. Comment! (This is one of my weaker points.)
  12. Collaborate. It’s fun.
  13. Taking part in a Twitter chat is a great thing to take part in.
  14. Keep trying.
  15. Always, always have fun with your blog.

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