Glamour Book Club: A-hoy there!

(*Okay, that’ll be a title that I later come to cringe at. So not *punny* , right? )

A week ago, I was lucky enough to attend Glamour Magazine’s Book Club, on The Good Ship Benefit (hence the title of this post!), featuring Jessie Burton, writer of The Muse.

It’s a beautiful boat-if a little girly. (If you’re visiting at any time, mind your heels walking down to the entrance. It’s a bit painful, as your ankle is bent forward. ) Decked in pink, with cosmetics galore, and glasses of champagne, what’s not to love?!

I really enjoyed the book talk-to hear about the making of The Muse was very interesting to say the least. (I’m sort of writing a book; I came away with a few fragments of inspiration, duly logged in my Filofax!) It’s  a great book-and something that I really enjoyed reading.

We were also offered beauty treatments; despite being a little bit manic in manner, I am very pleased with my eyebrows. And that’s despite not really making a habit of plucking, lathering, tweezering, or just generally caring… It was very nice, because the Lady doing so was chatting to me the whole time, almost like a friend; doughnuts and eyebrows, perfume and voices were all thrown into the mix! It made me wish that I owned said boat, and could travel anywhere with the people on board.

Benefit and Glamour both go hand-in-hand I think; I really enjoyed myself, and will be sad to see The Good Ship Benefit leave London.

What do you think? Have you been on The Good Ship Benefit?




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